Atelier Micky Hoogendijk

Thank you for visiting my gallery website. All my life I have been interested in visual arts, film, television and theater. This was largely due to my grandfather who was an art dealer in Amsterdam at the beginning of the last century. It is wonderful to be in close contact with imagination and freedom as a child. I feel happiest, both in the light in front of the camera and in the shadow behind it. In the past ten years, I have taken the opportunity to build a photographic  and bronze sculptures body of work that,  to my delight, has been purchased by art collectors and companies in Europe, the United States, Canda, Mexio and Colombia.

Since 2019 I live in the Netherlands again after years of working and living on the West Coast of the United States. I chose an intimate village in the south of Holland as my business location. An oasis of peace, not so far away from the exciting hustle and bustle that characterizes urban life. Here I can work silently on an artistic body of work that I am currently going through: from 2D (photography) to 3D (sculpting). This process was boosted at the beginning of this year by Covid-19, touched as I was by the humanitarian paradox we all got into. We could not hold each other when we needed each other so badly. In my village community, and beyond, I have observed so much love, patience and kindness! My hands couldn’t help but work on imagining intimate relationships.

My studio is adjacent to an old farmworker’s house that my architect landlord has transformed into a small gallery, large enough to host a permanent exhibition of at least twenty-five images of my photographic work and my first casts in bronze. I can’t wait for the public to receive my work. You are therefore very welcome. If you plan to visit my gallery, plan this through my ticket system. Of course my gallery is freely accessible, but the tickets ensure that the public attendance is spread safely over the day.

Another advantage is that you can view my work, perhaps in the company of loved ones and friends, in silence and tranquility.

Gallery Micky Hoogendijk