I sign for the work I bring out. This work falls under my artistic responsibility.
At the same time, I find creativity a form of energy, of resilience, that often arises in the interspace
with The Other. My learning process is part of a learning process from The Other.
I’m talking about the people who closely  collaborate with me. That is why I would like to mention some
of them here.  Not so much to thank them, because I would  be selling them short.
I do this for their value and to put them in the spotlight.
In alphabetic order:

André Beuving (image editing, Art Crtl / Blxm)
Hans Cornet (client relationship manager, Hasselblad)
Het Beeldgebouw print team, Ridderkerk
Eyes on Photo Art print team (Eyes on Photo Art)
Andy, Boudewijn and Noud Kemner (bronze foundry Kemner)
Michael van Praag (web design, webmaster)
Maddy Stolk (final editor, Words to live by)

My gallery owners, dear colleagues, press editors, assistants, makeup artists, stylists, and interns throughout the years.
And my muses, all the wonderful people who stood in front my camera; with who’m I was able to create my visions.