Art collectors are touring their own country.

Traveling by air and other foreign trips are less obvious. That is a pity, of course, but it does not have to be a drama, because fortunately we are resourceful enough to look for domestic adventure.
For example, this year the art collector will take extra time to look for artists in their own habitat.
Such visits are a valuable addition to gallery visits in the big city, because the collector can then see the work in a different context, including the personal story of the artist.
In anticipation of this, I’ve created a program, in collaboration with producers and suppliers of delicious regional products.

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My own gallery in the Brabantse Acht Beatitudes
Not far from the Belgian border in the village of Hoogeloon is my recently opened gallery. Here I want to see you not only enjoy my work and my story, but also the peace that this rural area breathes. It is really beautiful here! If you feel like staying longer, this can easily be arranged. You can spend the night comfortably with my friendly neighbors spa-hotel. If you tell me that you visit my gallery, they have a pleasant package in store for you.
Do not forget to order tickets here with which you can plan your visit. Access to my gallery is of course exempt from entrance fees. The ticket is only intended to neatly distribute the influx of visitors over time. In this way we can ensure a safely dosed gallery visit together

Rediscover the Netherlands once again thoroughly

The journey here is already a small party. If you come from the Northern half of our country, the Netherlands will pass in a unique way. You travel across “broad rivers that slowly pass through endless lowlands”. For me, that trip is an event that I look forward to again and again when I have to be near Amsterdam and Hilversum. The Hagesteinse bridge (A27) offers a beautiful panoramic view on both sides of the Lek and the flood plains. The Jan Blankenbrug near Vianen (A2) does the same on the West side, if you travel to the South. If you drive further towards’ s-Hertogenbosch, you will pass the Waal via the Martinus Nijhoffbrug. Here also that typical Dutch view over the water. Beyond Den Bosch, the highway meanders in a varied landscape of meadow, forest and heather. If you have enough time, choose to leave the highway and continue your journey through local roads: it is all beautiful!
Brabant atmosphere in the midst of artistry and local products
When you arrive at my gallery, you will receive a personal welcome with all kinds of delicacies from my immediate environment that you can taste. If you feel like it, I will tell you the real story behind the artworks that can be seen in my gallery.

TIPS for your travel

For international travelers, only 15 minutes form Eindhoven Airport.
The environment of my gallery is really lovely. You can walk and cycle for days with gems hidden away along the way to stop for a nice lunch or a cup of coffee. Between Hoogeloon and Hilvarenbeek is the wooded estate “de Utrecht” with lodgment “In den Bockenreyder” in the middle. A lovely forest café located in an old Brabant barn. The Brabantse Kempen has around 10 golf courses within 20 km of my gallery  If you go to beautiful nature reserves such as De Landschotse Heide, Cartierheide, De Pan or de Pals, you will pass several cozy terraces, including lodgment Brouwerij De Gouden Leeuw in Vessem, restaurant Divino in Hapert or De Keyser in Eersel. But don’t forget the Treeswijkhoeve in Waalre for a true star dinner.

A day in the big city is also possible. Eindhoven has a lot to offer! In particular, the industrial residential & shopping park Strijp – S and Strijp – T, located on the old Philipsterrein, is an area that the city is proud of. Hip, design and happening with De Driehoek as the centerpiece where all streams of people come together to have lunch or drink coffee. Visit the smallest coffee house, the concept stores in old factories and new initiatives, such as lunch or dinner at Piet Hein Eek. Eindhoven also has fantastic festivals such as Glow, the Dutch Design Week and Dutch Technology Week. Various museums can be visited, including the well-known “Van Abbemuseum”. Be sure to browse the city’s agenda to see what’s going on! In nearby Tilburg they also have some beautiful museums such as the Pont museum or the Textile museum. In addition, the Port Area or the Station Quarter are interesting new developments in this city. Culture & history are readily available, not just in the city. Hoogeloon is known for its rich Roman history. You can listen to and view the photos and stories at various places in and outside the village.